Republican Must Look to the Future, Focus on Issues, and Expand the Base

As we move forward to the 2022 elections and on to the presidential election in 2024, it is vitally important that we Republicans, from whom the leadership that is necessary to competently lead our nation is going to have to come, look to the future, focus on important issues, bring back those to our party who have become discouraged, and work diligently to expand our base. Former President Trump had the opportunity to do that on Saturday, but instead, continued to dwell on his 2020 election defeat with more disinformation, verbally disparaged the top elected Republicans in Georgia with false claims, and, in reference to Democrat Stacy Abrams said, “Stacy, would you like to take his (Gov. Kemp’s) place, it’s okay. with me”, and then said, “of course, having her, I think, might very well be better than having your existing Governor, if you want to know what I think.”

I have watched his speech twice on video to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing, and yes, that’s what the former President said. I am quite certain Ronald Reagan would not have bashed other Republicans, would not have endorsed Stacy Abrams, but, instead, would have used the opportunity positively and constructively towards 2022 and 2024. And, yes, it’s the kind of leadership that Ronald Reagan provided that America needs.

- Don Parsons